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We want you to feel comfortable in doing business with our company.

30 Days Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our Courses and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a conditional strict 30-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase. Any inquiries for a refund after that 30 days will be denied, unless it’s a fraud case. Please note that for us to issue a refund, your reason must be VALID & JUSTIFIED.

Measures taken to help you succeed through our coaching program: We put in place a “Live Chat”, to answer all your questions about the training you purchased. If you feel you need help to progress through our program, simply hit the “Live Chat” button and one of our trained staff member will assist you.


Please Note That Our Done For You Services Are NOT Refundable, unless it’s a REAL fraud case.

We made sure to do our due diligence:

1) On our “Done For You Services” sales pages, it’s clearly stipulated: No Refunds.

2) When you access your “Product” through Warrior Plus, you have steps to follow, which includes sending us a filled-form for us to get started and to reach-out to us. (If you fail to do that, it’s is not on us, it’s on you)

3) And to be sure you didn’t miss these instructions, we send you 3 e-mail messages, with the same instructions, reminding you to reach-out to us with the filled document. (If you fail to do that, it’s is not on us, it’s on you)


We do not refund people who do “Not As Described” refund claims because they would be lying and it’s easy for us to prove it just by sending our sales page, access to the product or job done and this very page you are reading, to PayPal or their credit card provider.

We do not refund people who make a “Payment Not Authorized” claim, UNLESSthey can provide either 1) a police report event number or 2) a credit card cancellation letter issued from the credit card provider due to fraud. Let’s face it, if someone is a fraud victim, these are the 2 basic steps they would take. Failing to present one of the 2 documents, will result in a refund refusal.


We put in place a chat service to help resolve issues: If you try to get a refund without contacting us first, it’s o.k. But expect that we will fight the claim, and big chances are that we will win as we did our due diligence.

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