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BOOST Your List With New ACTIVE Subscribers We Get You RESULTS, Not Just Clicks…

Howdy there my friend!

My name is Nicholas from Texas. So let me guess… You are looking for leads and buyers… For your product or service… right? I HAVE THEM! Let me show you…

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

“Alexandros Got a Near Free Solo From a Sale!!! Plus an Opt in Rate of 46.8%”

“Alejandro is Raving About the Quick Delivery and 50% Opt In rate!”

“Chan Got 23% OD, Nearly 49% Opt In, and 91% Tier 1!”.

“Daniel Got 2 Sales, a Free Solo! 133 New Subscribers and a 46% Opt In Rate!”

“Fendy Was Rendered Speechless With His 93% Tier 1 and Trial Sale. I Was the First Seller to Get Him a Sale With Only 100 Clicks!”

“Gustavo got a mind blowing 51% opt in rate plus a sale!”

“Horacio Order 100 Clicks and Got More Than 100 Tier 1 Clicks, and 2 Sales! He Made a Profit!”

“Juan Says Amazing Traffic and Service, and Loves his near 50% Opt-In Rate!”

“The Click Shooter Says I am Reliable, Honest, and He Approves This Message!”

“Juan Buys Again and Gets Amazing Traffic, Huge Over Delivery, and a Sale!”

“Maurice Lets the Stats Speak for Themselves… Sale = Solo Paid!”

“Mind Blowing Stats!”, Says Rohith, Who Made a $90 Sale that Paid for His Solo Twice Over!

Where Does The Traffic Come From? And WHY It’s Important…

The traffic comes from my highly pampered “list” of subscribers who I have a great relationship with… And they love & trust my recommendations… And 100%+ of the traffic comes from …. The United States Canada United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand. These are the countries with the most “Purchase Power.” In other words… English-speaking countries with credit cards in hand!

My Professional Services (Included With Your Order)

This is how I give my customers GREAT (not just good) Service These are all included with your order!

#1. Professional Squeeze Page Review

Your squeeze page is the “Door” into your business… I will personally review it and make recommendations tomaximize your squeeze-page conversions…

#2. Express Delivery

100-200 Clicks – 72 Hours or less guaranteed! 300-500 Clicks – 5 Days or less guaranteed! (no one wants to wait weeks or months, you want it NOW)

#3. Unique Clicks ONLY

Absolute unique visitors to your offer.

#4. Full Comprehensive Traffic Report

You get a complete easy-to-understand transparent report Which includes all the click / visitors and countries delivered straight to you. You get to analyze trends and make better future purchase decisions.

#5. Direct Contact With Me

You get to contact me in person and get assurance I’m a real person and can deliver. You get all your questions answered prior to placing your order.

#6. Access To My “Traffic Club Specials”

Be the “First-to-know” on special hot deals such as… Holiday specials Customer appreciation discounts

#7. Professional Custom Email Ad-Copy

I know what “Hot-Buttons” to push to get my subscribers to react to your offer

#6. Access To My “Traffic Club Specials”

Be the “First-to-know” on special hot deals such as… Holiday specials Customer appreciation discounts

My List Is HOT And That’s Why It Produces…

We have a “Proven” email ad-copy vault, and we use it for inspiration to write the future copy for your order.

Easy Setup

My list is built primarily from Media Buys, Pay-Per-View traffic & Pay-Per-Click Ads so it’s EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY! High Opt-ins!

Responsive Leads

Fantastic Sales

Like you’ve never seen before!

If I was you I wouldn’t delay another second and schedule your order ASAP

Because before you know it…

There will be a 2 week wait-period for my traffic…

So if you want to know…


100% USA Clicks ... (Tier 1 available 10% Discount, ask for Discount Code)


This list includes leads that have choose to purchase a product between $7 to $5,000


Complete Funnel Review


Funnel Optimization Strategy


30- Day Tailor-Written Follow Up Sequence


Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click



Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click


Unique Clicks


Per Click

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